3 Meisner Technique Basics – Casting Frontier

Photo credit: Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock.com Sanford Meisner, one of the most respected and influential acting instructors of the 20th century, once acting as “living truthfully under imaginary circumstances.” The legendary drama teacher developed a system of exercises called the Meisner Technique that he taught at New York City’s Neighborhood Playhouse, eventually branching out … Read more

Ivana Chubbuck on the Chubbuck Technique

Photo credit: Lightfield Studios / Shutterstock.com The Chubbuck Technique is a 12-step method used by performers, writers, and directors alike across the globe in their quest to bring life to their characters. The premier acting teacher Ivana Chubbuck created the process, and she details each step in her bestselling book “The Power of the Actor,” … Read more