The Anti-War Play to End All War Plays: The Last Days of Mankind, 1922 to 2022

Kraus is particularly disturbed by the symbiosis between the press and statesmen: “Diplomats tell lies to say them and believe them when they see them in print.” (I could see a new production employing electronic broadcasting and social media samples to bring this point of view up to date. It is not only cold print … Read more

Playable Plays: Toward a New Interactivity

Millions of dollars are being poured into the “immersive” art sector worldwide in the form of explorable art installations, pop-up projection palaces, virtual reality experiences, and more. As a playwright who has worked in this sector during its ascendance, I’ve been inspired by the vastness of the audience it’s unlocked—as well as that audience’s willingness … Read more

Best Three-Hander Plays | Play Resources for Actors

Picture the scene: two actors, sharing a stage. Each of their characters have their own sets of needs and wants—their own objectives they’re fighting to achieve within the story. Even if their motives are hidden and their tactics are cunning, there’s a refreshing simplicity to the drama. We know that either “Character A” or “Character … Read more