King John | Inside The Play

King John is often the forgotten Shakespeare play, believed to have been written sometime around the mid 1590’s, and based on true events. At its core, Shakespeare’s King John is a play about identity, loyalty, and power. We see many of the characters throughout the play question their own identity, and how it is tied … Read more

The Anti-War Play to End All War Plays: The Last Days of Mankind, 1922 to 2022

Kraus is particularly disturbed by the symbiosis between the press and statesmen: “Diplomats tell lies to say them and believe them when they see them in print.” (I could see a new production employing electronic broadcasting and social media samples to bring this point of view up to date. It is not only cold print … Read more

Jon Bernthal: “There are great kernels of wisdom to pick up from all these different characters you play”

“I don’t look at my commitment, or look at my journey really any differently whether I’m in one scene or whether I’m in the entire film.” — Jon Bernthal Though comic book fans probably best know actor Jon Bernthal for playing The Punisher in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Bernthal has appeared in a number of … Read more

Best Three-Hander Plays | Play Resources for Actors

Picture the scene: two actors, sharing a stage. Each of their characters have their own sets of needs and wants—their own objectives they’re fighting to achieve within the story. Even if their motives are hidden and their tactics are cunning, there’s a refreshing simplicity to the drama. We know that either “Character A” or “Character … Read more

The Molecules Changed in the Room: Creating a Play from Real Asian Women’s Desires, Dreams, and Heartaches

Danielle: You mentioned theater being a space for so many voices and having the opportunity for anonymity. I would love to hear more about crowdsourcing the answers. How did you come up with this process and then distill everything into the script? Amy: Ascend! was inspired a lot by the work I participated in at … Read more