Audition Lessons from Working Actors

Photo Credit: Shift Drive / There is a saying: “The most valuable lessons aren’t taught. They’re experienced.” In a “Film Courage” series of interviews, several working actors recount lessons they learned from audition experiences at pivotal points in their lives. The performers include Chad Lindberg (“Fast and the Furious”), Zack Ward (“A Christmas Story,” … Read more

Why Take Voice Lessons? How is best for YOU? Online or In Person or in a studio which offers both?

Why should you or your child take voice lessons? It seems an age old question, but today is a brand new one! You have a larger choice HOW to take voice lessons too! With all of the time we have spent on computers and in online school, people need more one on one time. They … Read more

The 5 Most Valuable Lessons I Learned Working with a Songwriting Coach — That Sweet Roar

#3: Think about how the shape and emphasis of your words sound. One thing I hadn’t taken into consideration when I wrote my first songs, was the vowel and consonant sounds of the lyrics I had written and the way that they flowed together or sat within the rhythm of the music. This was something … Read more