Interview: Matthew Stocke on ‘Pretty Woman: The Musical’ and How He’s “Stuck Around” as an Actor

“If there’s anything you love to do as much, do that. If you have to do it, you’ll figure out a way to do it.” — Matthew Stock Matthew Stock got his Equity card almost 30 years ago and since then, he’s been making his living as an actor ever since. With roles in Broadway … Read more

Interview: Beulah Koale on ‘Dual’, ‘Hawaii Five-0’ and Running Towards Projects He’s “Scared Of”

“I’m running towards the thing I’m scared of. That’s the rule. I’m always excited for the next project.” – Beulah Koale Anyone with kids knows all too well that when you’re trying to get your little ones ready for bedtime, no one and nothing will stop that from happening. Not even a director who’s just … Read more