Acting Coach Margie Haber on Finding Your It Factor

Photo credit: jonnyslav / World-famous acting coach Margie Haber teaches actors to connect with their personal power and become creators. One aspect of her work is to help performers find their personal It factor. She’s taught and trained countless actors at her Margie Haber Studio in Los Angeles over the past 25 years, and … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Casting Calls in 2022

The last two years have really shaken up the entertainment industry. 2020 changed everything from auditions to production itself. And 2021 saw a radical adaptation to the shift in the way actors search for work, audition, book jobs, and sometimes even perform. Now, in 2022, the entertainment industry has not only fully embraced much of … Read more

Interview: ‘Severance’ Casting Director Rachel Tenner on Finding Actors, How to Have a Memorable Audition and More!

“I always say that it’s great if an actor just comes in with a choice, you know? Just something really specific.” – Casting Director Rachel Tenner on Auditioning When actor/directors like George Clooney and Ben Stiller keep calling you back to cast their projects, you are definitely doing something right. From FX’s Fargoto Clooney’s The … Read more

Interview: Movement Coach Julia Crockett on Finding Characters Through Physicality and Her Advice to Actors

Movement is a vital part of creating a character. As longtime movement coach Julia Crockett said recently, the way a person walks or stands, their mannerisms, “that’s the accumulation of a lifetime of information and psychology and experience.” Crockett helps actors like Sarah Paulson find those traits, helping her create just some of her more … Read more