Richard Jenkins on His Long Career, Auditioning and the Film That Made Him Want to Become an Actor

“I guess one of the things that I love about this world is that you never know what’s coming up around the corner… I’ve always really liked that about this profession, that the future is an unknown.” — Richard Jenkins In an interview with Deadline, two-time Academy Award nominee Richard Jenkins acknowledges that he’ll likely … Read more

10 Outstanding Film Performances Under 10 Minutes of Screen Time

If you ever had a tiny role in a high school play and dared to complain about your meager number of lines, I suspect there was someone present who smugly put you in your place by quoting Konstantin Stanislavski’s line, “There are no small parts, only small actors.” Though those famous words belong to the … Read more

3 Actors on Playing Themselves in Film

Photo Credit: Denis Makarenko / What if you were asked to play yourself on the silver screen or stage? Would that sound like a blast right from the start or you would be a bit skeptical, needing to investigate the project with caution? Here are three actors who indeed were given the opportunity to … Read more