Actors on Self-Care – Casting Frontier

Photo credit: Andrea Raffin / Between caring for family members and pets, tending to work duties and chores, plus battling traffic, it can be a real challenge to find a moment of peace for yourself. When something’s gotta give, people often prioritize themselves last. Self-care is the thoughtful practice of treating yourself with care … Read more

What is a Monologue? | A breakdown on monologues for actors

From your very first acting class to the clip they play at the Oscars of your Big Dramatic Scene, monologues are with you throughout your acting journey. They are what we use to learn the basics of acting, practice and hone our skills and—perhaps most importantly—audition for work. However, have you ever actually stopped to … Read more

Interview: Manager Eric Schulman on Demo Reels, Headshots and How He Finds Actors to Represent

“You’re competing with so many people who may just look just like you or may sound just like you and you’ve got to differentiate yourself. And that means treat it like a job.” — Manager Eric Schulman As actors, finding the best person to represent us is a huge step in establishing a successful career. … Read more

Tips for Aspiring Actors from Casting Directors Diane Heery and Jason Loftus

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Audra McDonald and Leslie Odom, Jr.’s Advice to Actors

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9 Famous Actors on the Role Their Fathers Played in Their Careers

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Best Romantic Comedies for Actors

Romantic Comedies. Some people absolutely love them and herald performances by some of the greatest actors of all time as the focal point of their value. Other people completely despise them as vacuous, lowest common denominator trash designed for nothing more than selling tickets. The truth is that something between these two points of view … Read more

4 Actors Who Had No Plan B

Aaron Paul. Photo credit: Featureflash Photo Agency / Sylvester Stallone once famously said, “Plan B. You’ve always got to have a Plan B.” This career approach certainly worked out well for the “Rocky” star, but not everybody shares the same convictions. In fact, some actors strongly oppose the idea of ​​having a Plan B … Read more

The Advice Casting Directors Gave Actors Early in Their Careers

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