Interview: Actor Raeann Giles on Making Her Directorial Debut with ‘Angel’

“I learned to just connect with the material and that it’s not about you. It’s about what you have to serve to the material and to the character.” — Raeann Giles on Directing Her Film, ‘Angel’ When life gives you lemons, might as well make some make lemonade, right? That might be a poor choice … Read more

Casting Directors on Actor Reels

Photo credit: M-Production / Have you ever wondered how important it is for actors to have demo reels? And what exactly are casting directors are looking for when viewing them? While every casting director is unique and has a different work style, it can be helpful to hear them discuss best practices for reels. … Read more

Interview: Matthew Stocke on ‘Pretty Woman: The Musical’ and How He’s “Stuck Around” as an Actor

“If there’s anything you love to do as much, do that. If you have to do it, you’ll figure out a way to do it.” — Matthew Stock Matthew Stock got his Equity card almost 30 years ago and since then, he’s been making his living as an actor ever since. With roles in Broadway … Read more

Comedy Actor Roundtable: How Well Can You Gauge the Audience?

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How to Get Out of Your Head as an Actor

We’re often told that one of the most important things we have to do is to get out of our own head, or to let go, or forget it all. While each of those three things means something slightly different, that’s a story for another article. But today we’re just focusing on one: I want … Read more

What Does it Mean to Be an Actor?

Actors have a special function in society. As an actor, you are part of a grand storytelling tradition that dates back to early humankind. Storytellers entertain, educate, and inspire our world to become a better place. The stories we tell teach empathy, expand horizons, and help us understand different points of view. We mirror life … Read more

Richard Jenkins on His Long Career, Auditioning and the Film That Made Him Want to Become an Actor

“I guess one of the things that I love about this world is that you never know what’s coming up around the corner… I’ve always really liked that about this profession, that the future is an unknown.” — Richard Jenkins In an interview with Deadline, two-time Academy Award nominee Richard Jenkins acknowledges that he’ll likely … Read more