Acting Coach Margie Haber on Finding Your It Factor

Photo credit: jonnyslav / World-famous acting coach Margie Haber teaches actors to connect with their personal power and become creators. One aspect of her work is to help performers find their personal It factor. She’s taught and trained countless actors at her Margie Haber Studio in Los Angeles over the past 25 years, and … Read more

Kate Winslet’s Acting Advice – Casting Frontier

Photo credit: Anton_Ivanov / Academy and Emmy Award-winning actress Kate Winslet boasts an eclectic resume, often portraying headstrong, complicated characters. She landed her first professional acting job at the age of 11 dancing in a cereal commercial. Now at the age of 46, the “Mare of Easttown” star’s career is going as strong as … Read more

Willem Dafoe on How Acting is a “Service” and Why He Never Worked With an Acting Coach

Photo Courtesy of Deposit Photos “One man’s over-the-top, crazy performance is another man’s committed performance. Another person’s natural, rooted performance is another person’s walk-through, lazy performance.” – Willem Dafoe A really engaging feature of Interview magazine is how one well-known actor is assigned to interview another actor. earlier this year, Mark Ruffalo conducted an extensive … Read more

Should I Study Acting in the UK?

So, you’ve got the acting bug and now you’re looking for a place to go to drama school. There are so many different choices, at home and abroad. Whilst doing your research you’ve noticed that in the lists of top acting schools there are a lot from the UK. Ah, wouldn’t it be nice to … Read more

Acting Career Insights from Samuel L. Jackson and Viola Davis

Photo credit: DFree / Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall in a room where Viola Davis and Samuel L. Jackson are having a great time chatting about acting? Well, you can listen in on their conversation in a Variety “Actors on Actors” interview. The dynamic duo revisit what it was … Read more

How to Look Real When Acting

How do you look real, honest and authentic while acting? Well, as the legendary Kate Winslet once said ‘acting is about being real, being honest’. Put simply, the easiest way to ensure your acting looks and feels real is to ensure that the situation that your character is engaging in is real for you. The … Read more

Five Ways to Teach Yourself Acting

All actors have to start somewhere, and all new actors (and maybe some more seasoned actors) all need to learn how to act. Now something I’d like to say is that teaching yourself really should function as a sort of stepping stone. Eventually you should be working with, and performing for others. But what if … Read more

The Power of Stillness in Acting

Photo credit: Fabrizio Maffei / The “Actor’s Foundry” webinar led by master teacher Matthew Harrison delves into the topic of stillness in acting. Stillness, in this context, goes beyond simply not moving while in frame, but is more so defined as internalizing the character’s emotions rather than outwardly expressing them. Stillness refers to the … Read more

Tips From Acting Coach Suzanne Shepherd

Photo credit: Elnur / Renowned New York City acting teacher and coach Suzanne Shepherd studied with Sanford Meisner, and her former students include Gregory Hines, Christopher Meloni, Helen Slater, Joan Allen, and Bebe Neuwirth. Shepherd is also a working actress herself, and has appeared in an impressive list of productions such as “The Sopranos,” … Read more