REVIEW: The House at Cold Hill at the Mill at Sonning

This is the fortieth anniversary of the Mill at Sonning and Sally Hughes’s program for the year reflects past successes in programming the unique dinner theater venue. Recent successes of the musical Top Hat and the delightful immersive show Still Life return later in the year, and Ray Cooney’s Funny Money is staged this autumn, … Read more

More Than Words: A Virtual Tour of Designs, Dance, and Graphic Notation in the Music Division

Earlier this summer, a few of us from the Music Division led a virtual tour focusing on some of the compelling visual materials in the Library’s special collections. Senior Processing Technician Melissa Young sparks up conversations with six Music Division staff members as we take a peek into a few of the more unusual and … Read more

Things To Consider When Interacting With Casting Directors

Photo Credit: fizkes / Casting directors gravitate toward their job out of a genuine love and appreciation for actors, and they’re quick to assure performers that they’re rooting for their career success. Casting directors continually check in with actors’ digital profiles and performances to see how they’re progressing over time, and they make notes … Read more

REVIEW: BLOOD BROTHERS (New Wimbledon Theatre)

Willy Russell‘s Blood Brothers ran in the West End for an impressive 27 years, amassing over 10,000 performances. Winning the Olivier Award for Best New Musical in 1983, the show has since developed a cult following and traveled the world from Broadway to New Zealand (where I saw it first). Affectionately christened the ‘Standing Ovation … Read more

Healthy and Confident Singing Voice: Teaching a Singer Using the Mentality of a Dancer: How and Why?

Teaching a Singer Using the Mentality of a Dancer- Seems a little different but hear me out and you’ll see its beneficial. Dancers seem to be more mentally and physically disciplined than singers. Part of this is due to the early age at which many dancers start and part due to the fact based pedagogy … Read more

How Highly Sensitive People Can Achieve WILD Success Without Sacrifice

By Cathy Spaas, HSP Specialist & Coach to High-Achieving Creatives Being a highly sensitive performer, artist, or creative is a double edged sword. Being more sensitive to both internal and external impressions means you may get overstimulated and overwhelmed quickly. But that same tendency to experience everything intensely is also what makes you a charismatic … Read more