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I am not normally one to fan girl over performers, whilst I will often be in awe of their work I try to maintain a degree of professionalism due to this blog but with Jeremy Jordan this seems to go out of the window. To be fair when you combine vocals like he has with the concert he put on Monday night then in my opinion it is entirely understandable to why!

The concert was exceptional and ticked all of the boxes for everything fans could have wanted to see. Act 1 revolved around London and Jeremy’s love for the place. The show opened with Moving Too Fast from The Last Five Years which got the audience swiftly on side (not that they needed any convincing). We were treated to a mash up from shows that have played at Theater Royal Drury Lane, a pop version of ‘Oh What A Beautiful Morning’ with Jeremy’s classical training coming to the fore as he sang songs such as ‘On The Street Where You Live’ .’ Fitting in well to the London segment thanks to their concert earlier this year was the Bonnie & Clyde segment where he relived moments from it and Frances Mayli McCann even joined him on stage for a couple of numbers. Act 1 ended with Jeremy singing some of his own music from his band Age of Madness. Their music was very different to anything else throughout the show, a much more rocky vibe and a great chance to see Jeremy do something different.

Act 2 looked a bit more at Jeremy and his roots. We were of course treated to a number from Smash, namely ‘Broadway Here I Come’ and his co-star Andy Mientus (Kyle) joined him for a rendition of What You Own. Jeremy then moved on to deliver 3 songs from his own show ‘Carry On,’ which was essentially him recounting childhood whilst singing well known pop/rock numbers. This format worked incredibly well and he managed to have the audience laughing one moment and literally sobbing the next. This segment showed just why Jeremy is so successful, not only is his incredible voice but he has the most wonderful ability to tell a story and have the audience hanging off every word. It was for this reason that this segment was one of the highlights of the show for me.

We then got to hear a bit more about his relationship with his daughter which led to a Frozen 2 medley with adorable snippets of information about how he would bond with his daughter over this film and its music. Of course no Jeremy Jordan concert would be complete without Santa Fe from Newsies. By the time it reached this point it was nearly time for the curtain to come down but the audience was not letting him leave the stage any time soon. For his first encore we were treated with a whirlwind tour of the West End and now I can’t decide if I want to see him play King George or Elsa more! When the audience refused to sit down and stop clapping he finished the show with the beautiful, ‘She Used to Be Mine.’

This review wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Benjamin Rauhala who not only was the MD for the show but had very witty asides throughout. His mash ups were brilliant and you could tell that there was a real friendship and natural rapport between Jeremy and Benjamin on stage. Under Benjamin’s control was also an 8 piece band. Throughout the show they sounded sublime and I must commend the sound design for the show as everything was crystal clear and at the perfect level. Talking of the technical side of the show the lighting design by Jack Weir was more akin to a rock concert but with an old school vibe with some of the on stage lighting.

I have run out of superlatives to describe both Jeremy Jordan, his voice and this concert but it is easy to see why Jeremy has had success in theater, TV and film and if last night was anything to go by he is not going anywhere fast!

Whilst the concert was only on for 2 nights Jeremy Jordan is returning to London in November with his band Age of Madness at Here at the Outernet. You can buy tickets for this concert here.

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