Where to Stream Theatre Online

In some ways, we’re very lucky. Despite the worldwide decimation of the creative industries post-COVID, we have seen some terrific pivoting and digital evolution in how theater artists reach audiences. Streaming theater online is easier than ever! Is it the same as sitting shoulder-to-shoulder in the dark experiencing drama on stage? Not by a long … Read more

Interview: James Morosini and Claudia Sulewski Talk ‘I Love My Dad’

“Go with your gut 100%, because your instinct is always going to be the most interesting perspective and choice.” — Claudia Sulewski Everyone has that one nutty story that could be a great movie, including James Morosini, who had one of those true-life experiences that was so bananas, he almost had to tell it. In … Read more

Interview: Dale Dickey on Acting, Backstory and Taking on Her First Leading Role in ‘A Love Song’

“Sometimes it’s just innate, you’re not even aware it’s happening, it just comes out because you’re focusing on the story and hoping… trying to tell the truth.” — Dale Dickey With roles in projects like Winter’s Bone, Vice Principals, Palm Springs and True Blood, Dale Dickey has proven time and time again that she is … Read more

Casting Directors on Actor Reels

Photo credit: M-Production / Shutterstock.com Have you ever wondered how important it is for actors to have demo reels? And what exactly are casting directors are looking for when viewing them? While every casting director is unique and has a different work style, it can be helpful to hear them discuss best practices for reels. … Read more

Audition Dos and Dont’s – Casting Frontier

Photo credit: LightField Studios / Shutterstock.com Whether it be an in-person or virtual audition, the objectives remain consistent. Exhibiting, professionalism, flexibility, and a positive attitude, for instance, are among the essential qualities needed in both formats as these qualities demonstrate an actor is hirable. At commercial callbacks, any number of professionals can be present alongside … Read more

The TikTok Revolution | HowlRound Theatre Commons

Known as the “Ratatousical,” Ratatouille was a musical theater retelling of the popular Pixar movie of the same name. This cultural phenomenon began with Emily Jacobsen’s song about Remy, the main character from the film. The song took off, and soon other users began adding on, creating full orchestras, harmonies, dances, and eventually more songs. … Read more

REVIEW: Good Grief at the Underbelly Colgate in the Iron Belly, Edinburgh Fringe

Ugly Bucket Theater are a Liverpool-based physical theater and clown company not afraid to delve into uncomfortable subject matters and make us laugh about it. As recipients of the New Diorama, Underbelly and Methuen Drama’s Untapped Award 2022, there is clearly energy behind this young company making their latest show, Good Grief, a contender for … Read more