Livestreaming a Convening: Puppets in the Green Mountains 2022

Sandglass Theater presents events from the Puppets in the Green Mountains Festival 2022 (PGM) livestreaming on the global, commons-based, peer-produced HowlRound TV network at on Saturday 10 September, Saturday 17 September, and Sunday 18 September 2022. Sandglass Theater explores Roots and Wings in next Puppets in the Green Mountains festival. Local and international artists … Read more

Interview: Mallory James Mahoney on Disney Channel’s ‘Bunk’d’, Auditions and Advice to Young Actors

“Don’t be afraid to hear no, because you’ll hear that a lot. Don’t stop going after your dreams because of that.” — Mallory James Mahoney Since 2018, Mallory James Mahoney has played Destiny Baker on the Disney Channel’s hit show, Bunk’d. The show, about a group of kids who spend their summers at a camp … Read more

Body Language Expert on How to Project Confidence

Photo credit: antoniodiaz / Actors put themselves on the line each and every audition. Projecting confidence during this brave act not only helps the performer feel positively during the experience, but it conveys to the casting executives that the actor is competent and likely to adjust well on a set. Being scrutinized by decision … Read more

Natalie Portman’s Acting Tips for Aspiring Actors

Photo credit: Denis Makarenko / Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman is among the group of actors who never attended a traditional drama school. Rather, she learned the craft through over two decades’ worth of hands-on experience, and she’s passed along several of the lessons and techniques that have served her so well during past interviews. … Read more

The Anti-War Play to End All War Plays: The Last Days of Mankind, 1922 to 2022

Kraus is particularly disturbed by the symbiosis between the press and statesmen: “Diplomats tell lies to say them and believe them when they see them in print.” (I could see a new production employing electronic broadcasting and social media samples to bring this point of view up to date. It is not only cold print … Read more

Short Monologues For Actors | Copyright Free Original Monlogues

Monologues are an invaluable part of an actor’s toolkit. They’re the things you’ll use to audition for school drama or for your next big part, and they’ll likely make up the bulk of your first demo reel. For this reason, choosing the right monologue is an art—and you’d be shocked by how many actors don’t … Read more

Gathering Momentum: Türkiye’s Independent Theatre in President Erdoğan’s Near-Autocracy

There are two more plays that deserve special mention for a more universal appeal illustrative of Turkey’s esoteric culture whilst being anchored in the spaces between critical theory and contemporary performing arts: the dance pieces We (Biz) and This is a Mountain Story (Sar). Experiencing We, produced by Cafetürc, after watching text-heavy works, was something … Read more


Cyndi Lauper and Harvey Fierstein’s Tony and Olivier Award-winning Kinky Boots The Musical hasn’t been seen in the West End since 2019. Now as part of a concert series at Theater Royal Drury LaneKinky Boots gleefully struts back onto the stage showing audiences just what they’ve been missing- sex in a red heel! Based on … Read more